Ankalife Visual Arts Center:

CTB Group; art and to demonstrate its respect for the artist, founded the Ankalif Visual Arts Center to reveal the artist in every human soul. The opening of the exhibition of visual arts, signature days organized, Ankalif to Women's Health and the leisure of patients treated in the ceramic tube baby center, painting, sewing and embroidery courses that take a multifaceted center. Accelerating very quickly in a short time all applications made in the center, with the support of helpful people and krummen is performed without charge from the participants.

Ceramic classes every Saturday from 14:00 to 16:00, ceramic artist is regulated by Nurgün Akdoğan.

Artists Sabri Flash, images Ankalif visual art are exhibited in the center. www.sabricakar.com

Ankalif you contact us to benefit from the efficiency of the Visual Arts Centre ...

CTB group of our members forming Buğra A. Buyrukcu writer. Mr. Buğra A. Buyrukcu the recently published book 'Tsiranana Letters', can be obtained by removing the info@ankalifetupbebek.co mail address.


Weekly Activity Program for Patients with Ankalife:

Monday: Crafts courses (sewing, embroidery, etc.).

Tuesday: Local Foods Night (Black Sea cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, White Sea food, etc.).

Wednesday: Ebru Course

Thursday: Ankara domestic trips (Ataturk Mausoleum, Ankara Castle, etc.).

Friday: Painting Course

Saturday: Ceramic Course

            Activity Pictures